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i-heart-designI love working on the design aspect of the job. Although some projects require a hair-raising amount of revisions I still utterly enjoy the entire design process. I know that hiring a freelancer can be a bit daunting, so I try to make the design process easier by working with my clients personally. I don’t have thousands of clients, I keep my client list manageable and in the end that benefits the poeple that I work with. I have excellent references, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

myprintrunlogo-2I have recently released the website www.myprintrun.com to provide printing services specifically catering to my clients’ needs exclusively. I may offer printing services to the general public as well, in the form of custom business cards, brochures or t-shirts. But for now, the site is meant to service my clients. Stay tuned. Call me if you need a custom template created for your company.

wordpress-logoI highly recommend the development of WordPress websites. The learning curve is no steeper than other options, in my opinion, and it is well worth your time to learn WordPress. One of the main reasons that I favor the platform is the massive library of plug-ins available that help you to extend the functionality of your site. Do you need help building your next word press project? Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free quote.

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Professional Services

Design Services: Hire me to design and develop your website, design your marketing materials, create a logo for you, design advertising, signs, business cards, flyers, brochures, sell sheets and much more. For free no obligation estimate, please get in touch.
My website,  www.myprintrun.com is a printing services portal specifically for my clients. Professionally produced templates that you can modify an order over and over again. The templates make it easier to re-order common products like business cards or brochures. Almost any type of marketing material can be set up as a template for you. I determine whether I am going to charge any art time for your customized templates on a case to case basis, please feel free to ask me for an estimate anytime.

top-bgI develop websites using WordPress as a CMS, raw HTML, and Wix sites. I dabble a bit in Joomla!, Drupal, etc. but usually when a CMS is needed I stick to WordPress, due to the proliferation and saturation of the plug-in market for WordPress. Whether you are looking to develop a simple five-page company brochure website or a full-fledged blogging application, I can bring your vision to fruition under budget and promptly.

Don’t panic. In just a few hours a week, my SEO and maintenance program protects you from downtime and data loss: Frequent off site backups | Weekly maintenance | Basic search engine optimization | Occasional social media posts (if needed) In the event of the catastrophic failure of your site, I will be on call to restore your website to the latest available backup. The cost of hiring me to maintain your site is $250 per month. Contact me for more information.

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