The special Tenant Protection Program creatively and innovatively invented by the folks at On The Move Insurance Agency, Inc. needed a simple page that could perform two tasks:

  1. Help them to redirect any claims toward the specific self-storage company to which the claim should be received.
  2. Provide some basic information about the program.

The importance of the two particular functions cannot be understated. They want the clients at the self-storage facilities to have all of the information that they need in the event of a bonafide claim and being the self-storage insurance specialists that they are, they also envisioned a small clean website that would keep the facility informed in a timely manner as well.

This project took around three days to complete as it required taking a full-fledged website that had been previously developed a few years ago and consolidating it into a much smaller site. I used the fine services of the folks over at to host the form for them.

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